About me

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Viterbi Department of Electrical Engineering at the Technion and a fellow of the Azrieli foundation program. My advisor is Prof. Idit Keidar. I received my BSc in Electrical Engineering at the Technion in 2013 (Graduated Summa Cum Laude).

I am interested in the theory and practice of parallel and distributed systems, including reliable storage, transactional memory, reconfiguration, byzantine agreement, blockchains, and cryptocurrency.

My CV is available here.

Conference Publications

I. Abraham, D. Malkhi, K. Nayak, L. Ren, and A. Spiegelman - Solida: A Blockchain Protocol Based on Reconfigurable Byzantine Consensus (OPODIS 2017)

A. Spiegelman, I. Keidar, and D. Malkhi - Dynamic Reconfiguration: Abstraction and Optimal Asynchronous Solution (DISC'17)

R. Gelashvili, I. Keidar, A. Spiegelman, and R. Wattenhofer - Towards Reduced Instruction Sets for Synchronization (Brief announcement in DISC'17)

G. Chockler and A. Spiegelman - Space Complexity of Fault-Tolerant Register Emulations (PODC'17)

A. Spiegelman and I. Keidar - On Liveness of Dynamic Storage (SIRROCO'17)

A. Spiegelman and I. Keidar - Dynamic Atomic Snapshots (OPODIS'16)

H. Howard, D. Malkhi, and A. Spiegelman - Flexible Paxos: Quorum Intersection Revisited (OPODIS'16)

A. Spiegelman, Y. Cassuto, G. Chockler, and I. Keidar - Space Bounds for Reliable Storage: Fundamental Limits of Coding (PODC'2016)

A. Spiegelman, G. Golan- Gueta, and I. Keidar - Transactional Data Structure Libraries ( Distinguished Paper in PLDI'16)

G. Chockler, D. Dobre, A. Shraer, and A. Spiegelman - Space Bounds for Reliable Multi-Writer Data Store: Inherent Cost of Read/Write Primitives (Brief announcement in DISC'2015)

Technical Reports

A. Spiegelman, I. Keidar, and Moshe Tennenholtz - Game of Coins (arXiv)

A. Berger, I. Keidar, and A. Spiegelman - Integrated Bounds for Disintegrated Storage (arXiv)


A. Spiegelman, I. Keidar, and D. Malkhi - Dynamic Reconfiguration: A tutorial (OPODIS'2015)


Teaching assistant in charge, Principles of Distributed Systems (046272).

Teaching assistant, Introduction to Probability Theory (104034).

Teaching assistant, Networking and Internet (044334).

Contact Information

Email: sashas at campus.technion.ac.il

Phone: +972-4-829-5927

Ofice: Meyer 1234